Capitol Game ChangersCAPITOL GAME CHANGERS (CGC) has the Interactive Marketing plan for YOU!  It is based on the CGC principals involvement in over a dozen political campaigns within the past year, as well as during the 2012 campaign, as the Interactive Marketing agency for one of the largest Super Pacs in the United States. We have been engaged with political clients from Wisconsin to Montana to Tennessee to Florida and Michigan, and feel confident that the research and experience we have had to date will prove to be a strategic asset to YOUR campaign.

Our proprietary laser-targeted data, both consumer and B2B, along with our ability to deploy campaigns on a regular and precise basis, including e-mail, SMS text and mobile, gives YOU a specific advantage vs. generic marketing campaigns. The frequency of engaging and touching the voters is crucial to winning a campaign.

From local to regional to national political candidates, we can help YOU target, connect with and engage the most valuable audiences. With cutting edge digital technology, customer profiling, and data on more than 200 million individuals and 25 million businesses, we deliver the complete spectrum of value-added data, direct and digital marketing solutions. In short, we help YOU win campaigns!